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Stop the Insanity - what are people saying about us?

Mobile Integration, APP's, SEO, Social Media, Web Design .... It's all about engagement, are you talking at your customers or with them? Your customers are talking about your company and their experience with you ... is that a good thing?
Are you taking advantage of all the Social Media tools available in the most effective way possible? Posts and comments on your FaceBook page? Tweets on your Twitter account? A YouTube Channel with fun and interesting videos? Instagram pics and clips? These tools are the communication channels of the day and without them you are loosing out on a world of potential.
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Building Your Brand

Is your Branding message on target with your customers?
We LOVE nothing more than to design creative concepts and advertising campaigns increasing your brand awareness.
We can help you Increase Your Brand Awareness across multiple channels.
Clarity is Key and this is where we can help.
By creating a clear and concise marketing message and an advertising campaign behind it, we will create a stronger brand awareness for you.
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Create an Engaging Experience

Is your Business creating an Experience?
Engaging your customers in a conversation is vital in doing business today. In today's world of transparency and openness people are far more informed than ever before. You need to be listening to your customers to create an experience that will develop long lasting loyalty.
Todays customers respond to advertising on a level that is completely different than the way it has been done in the past.

our latest app's

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Video Alarm Clock Pro
Wake Up to Your Life
the Way You Want To!

Video Alarm Clock Pro takes your alarm clock to the next level by giving you the ability to be awakened by a Video instead of just a sound. Video Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a more engaging Alarm Clock by using Videos that you record and play giving you control over what you wake up to in the morning.
Download Video Alarm Clock Pro
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Tax Accountant
Like Having an Accountant
in Your Pocket

Do you want to save money on your taxes?
Tax Accountant is an accounting APP designed to help you more effectively keep track of your Federal Tax Return Schedule C receipts. From Travel to Entertainment, Track Mileage, Take Pictures of your Receipts and the Tax Accountant APP will help you sort and record your expenses, then just send them to your accountant in an email.
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Your Own Branded APP
How Great is This?

Send Videos to All Your Followers at Once
The Branded version of the Video Alarm Clock gives your users all the features of the basic Video Alarm Clock Pro and the added feature of being able to send Videos to all users at once. This APP was created so that you can increase how effectively you reach the people in your organization with video messaging.

I don’t want to say ... but we have experience ... just sayin'

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Over 25 years of experience

Before starting La Jolla Creative clients have included: Coca-Cola, Taco-Bell, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Intel, Ford and hundreds more. Producing over 300 National and International Marketing and Advertising Campaigns over the past 25 years, gives you an opportunity to tap into world class expertise and experience to help you create Greater Brand Awareness. - Just sayin'

By the way times they are a changin' are you?

transformational marketing

Implement "Transformational Marketing" - this is the key

"Transformational Marketing" is a way of turning people into life long customers and brand champions. Customers that will not only buy your product but will proudly talk about it and show it to others and convince them to become a loyal fan as well. Creating marketing campaigns that make people become brand lifers is what we strive to achieve. It is about making your brand as an experience even if the brand isn't life transforming itself. The idea is to engage and enroll and immerse the customer to where they love using and talking about your product or service and pass on this feeling to others. The way this is achieved is by creating campaigns that absorb people into your Brand's values through the creative ideas you are expressing. There are examples of this everywhere in the marketing world. What I do is work with you to create this style of marketing, which develops your Brand's Personality, creating customers that will promote your Brand to their friends.