building "brand champions"
the kind that will go to battle for you

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Over my career I have been privileged to work with some amazing people on some unbelievable campaigns with world class brands. I have learned some great insights that I can now pass on to others. I have learned skills that allow me to "Design and Create Transformational Marketing Techniques to Help Brands Express Their Personality and Values to Build Brand Champions".

transformational marketing - what is it?

The ability to have people like your brand so much that they become a brand champion. This is due to your brands core values, consistency in both product and service, listening to and handling customer concerns and above all adding value to or solving the problems of your target audience.
It comes down to legitimacy, core values and are you for real. No longer can you hide behind a corporate vail or a slick ad campaign and even though it was done that way for years it still had very little value. That is why brands had to constantly re-invent themselves and sell us perceived value for decades. Now we want one thing and one thing only and that is to back the things we buy because of true value and not because we are lured into buying a novelty.

Brand Building

la jolla creative blog

Building brand loyalty has definitely changed over the years - no doubt. It use to be due to price and quality. The more expensive the better the quality. There were a lot less products in the market place as well. Now it is an overcrowded playing field with too much competition and cut throat pricing everywhere - or is it?
It has been proven over and over that price is not the end all or be all in the ultimate buying decision. Yes there are times when your financial situation may dictate a discount brand but if you are a Starbucks fan nothing will stop you from ordering that triple caf, 1/2 decaf, 2 shots of caramel, Frappuccino with extra whipped cream, oh yea and make it a lite. Even if it does cost 3 times more than a competitor you will forego the 3 ply toilette paper so you can have this experience of supporting your team, your brand. You are a Brand Champion and this is your team and you are loyal to the end and price had nothing to do with it. It is the experience.

Social Media

la jolla creative social media

An effective Social Media Marketing Campaign is Vital in creating engaging and organic customers that lead to Brand Loyalty and exponential outward growth. This is the way of increasing your Brand Awareness to todays consumer that builds trust and spirits Peer to Peer sharing that is how consumers today are influenced in making choices.
Maximizing your Social Media Marketing opportunities is the way to attract the consumers in today's tech savvy world. The challenges of wading through all the ways to create Inbound Customers can be very daunting. SEO, LPO, SMO - FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Insatgram, Google Adsense and Adwords, Vines, others and new ones popping up daily. Let us evaluate these vehicles and channels as they change and evolve and create the appropriate marketing techniques to maximize exposure and sales of your product or service.

Social Media - Video

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The channels of video media are growing and each has it's purpose. YouTube and Vimeo are great for showcasing and creating Brand Awareness while Vine and Instagram are great at creating conversations. Twitter allows 6 second videos and creating your own channel on YouTube an Vimeo are standards these days. We have our own Studio which includes a green screen perfect for video shoots and still photography for your professional needs.
With hundreds of productions under our belt for various clients let us create an online campaign for you to effectively build greater Brand Awareness for your company.


la jolla creative mobile integration

Mobile is key in business today and less than 20% of businesses have optimized their business for mobile. Website, video and Social Media all can be converted with a responsive website. Almost 50% of sales last year were done a mobile device and by 2014 that number is to be closer to 75%. Make sure you are giving your customers the best opportunity available to purchase your products or services. They want to be able to connect with and purchase their favorite brands through their phones, ipads, tablets, phablets and whatever else technology will be putting in their hands.


la jolla creative blogla jolla creative blog

APP's are the fastest growing area of Digital Technology. Don't just create an APP - create an "APP Experience". The Apple APP Store is celebrating it's 50 billionth download. And that is in only 5 years. That is huge and just shows you how much people love their APP's. This doesn't include the Android Markets or Windows 8. That's just Apple and there is no sign of it slowing down. New devices and updates of old ones continue to create excitement in this industry. APP's are now just as much a part of a digital marketing plan as a website and with the world doing more and more online buying with smart phones and pads it only makes sense to use this tool to help increase your business.

Website Evaluation

la jolla creative blog

Making your website "Responsive" allows it to become mobile for most smart phone as well as pads and tablets. Once your site has been modified it can easily be updated with new information and blogs. This also helps with SEO and page ranking by giving it more relevance for search engines to index. This will allow your customers to find and use your site for information much easier allowing them to make more informed decisions about your brand.