Branded APP's for Business, Corporations or Personal Use

How cool would it be to have your own branded app?
Who doesn't want to share Videos directly to all their followers at once?

video alarm clock proThe Branded version of the Video Alarm Clock gives your users all the features of the basic Video Alarm Clock Pro (see below) and the added feature of being able to send Videos to all users at once. Our APP was created so that you can increase how effectively you reach the people in your organization with video messaging. This APP will serve as a conduit from you to your community of followers by allowing you to directly give them news and updates that you want them to see whenever you would like to share information with videos.
* important messages
* an inspirational story to start the day
* a music video exclusive for 24 hours only available to those with the APP
* daily health tips for a more productive lifestyle
* specials on your products that are sent to APP users first
* schedule when you want your videos sent
* highlights of your fundraiser or special event
* send any message you feel your audience will appreciate

These are just a few things that can be done with your Branded version of the APP. It is all wrapped up in a professional and elegant looking video alarm clock which can be used by the members to wake up to videos of their choice. They can wake up to videos of loved ones, past achievements or whatever they choose. Your community will have a great APP with your Brand on it placing you directly on their phone and giving you direct two way communication.

Sharing videos of special accomplishments by your community can be sent by others and then viewed by all the members that have the APP. Fundraising events can share highlights and successful ideas with the community to help others looking to have more successful events. Individual accomplishments can be shared and celebrated with all. Your organization can push video announcements to it’s entire network making it easier to communicate the information.

Branded APPS - Screen Shots

     video alarm clock pro     video alarm clock pro     video alarm clock pro

video alarm clock pro     video alarm clock pro     video alarm clock pro

Video Alarm Clock Pro

video alarm clock proVideo Alarm Clock Pro takes your alarm clock to the next level by giving you the ability to be awakened by a Video instead of just a sound. Video Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a more engaging Alarm Clock by using Videos that you record and play giving you control over what you wake up to in the morning.
Download Video Alarm Clock Pro
50% of the proceeds will go to United Cerebral Palsy
We believe in giving to the community and in this case that is United Cerebral Palsy. Living with this first hand, we know the difficulties families go through on a daily basis. Therefore, until the end of March 2014, 50% of the proceeds will be given to United Cerebral Palsy thanks to you.
This is a great organization and a deserving charity for the help and assistance that supply to needy individuals and their families. To find out more or make a personal donation contact

Demo of Video Alarm Clock Pro

video alarm clock pro video alarm clock pro video alarm clock pro

* Features *

* Video *
- Create and Share Personal Videos with Anyone You Add to Your Personal List Anywhere in the World - Receive Personal Videos from Those You Have on Your Personal List - Set Videos to Wake up to from Loved Ones - Choose to Watch a Received Video Now or Let it be a Wake Up Surprise - After You Receive a Video You Can Send a Response Video Right Back to Them - Wait to Download Received Videos When You Have A Wifi Connection to Save on Your Data Plan
* Clock *
- Digital or Analog Mode - Vertical and horizontal modes - Dims at night so it is easier to read - Current Weather
* Alarm *
- Select Your Personal Video as an Alarm - Set Your Favorite Music an an Alarm - Set Music to Sleep By - Create as Many Alarms as You Need - Sound/Music volume adjustable - Vibrate ON/OFF - Set an Alarm to Go Off Everyday or Just Once - Default Videos Will Continuously Go Off Until You Wake Up
* Sleep Timer *
- Create your own playlist with songs - Shuffle playlist - Music will play for as long as you want until you fall asleep
* Live Weather Conditions and Weather Forecast *
- Display weather conditions and temperature in your area - Automatically find your local weather, no need to search through lists of cities - Display multi-day weather forecast of your location - Detailed weather info: wind, humidity, and "feels like" temperature